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The Educare is a positive space where children learn and build on the foundation before they go off to Primary School or “Big School” as the children would say. The aim of the work with 4-5 year old classes is to make them school ready for Primary school or “Big School”. 

The teachers are positive role models and they work together as a team. The teachers that are drawn to this work are very passionate about child development and have a caring nature.

The Educare is also very welcoming to any students or volunteers that are interested in learning to work with children and explore this area of work or just to develop themselves and grow individually from this experience. It is a colourful and bright place and the children adapt easily to our daily programme and routine. The children eventually find themselves loving the space and the safe environment created by the teachers. Some parents explained that their children want to come to the Educare every day and even on weekends when the Educare is closed.



The Afterschool Programme starts directly after school from Mondays to Fridays.  Ages are from 6-18 year old girls and boys. We focus on the youth’s development and education, as well as support them by building their self-esteem, in a non-judgemental, safe and conducive learning environment.   

Our programmes include reading clubs, homework, arts & crafts, educational games, and soccer club/ sport activities. 

At the Junior & Senior Girls & Boys Club, the boys have their separate safe space, as well as the girls, to support and learn from one another. They are taught different life skills to empower themselves, so that they are less at risk of joining in and/or performing risky activities and negative peer pressure. They also learn personal development, have informative sessions (example; drug abuse, sexual and physical abuse), gender based violence, conflict management and address challenges that they are facing in their communities, at school and at home.

Junior Boys and Girls Life Skills Club age ranges from 10-13 years old.
Senior Girls & Boys Life Skills Club ranges from 14-18 years old.

Not all the children attend these above-mentioned clubs. However, they are assisted and supported with their homework, to study, or do revision work, and therefore we also have:
the Senior Homework Club, which starts directly after school from Mondays to Thursdays until 17H00, with ages from 15-18 years.

The Junior Homework Club starts directly after school from Mondays to Thursdays until 17H00, with ages from 10-13 years.

We offer support and mentorship, especially to the vulnerable youth that attend New World Foundation’s programmes. In the community of Lavender Hill and the surrounding areas, we see an extremely high rate in poverty, crime, gang violence/activities and one of our main aims are to help, assist and empower the youth at risk. Especially keeping them away from risky activities/behaviour.  Sadly,  but true, most of the children are exposed to some form of violence, trauma, poverty and crime at an early age, as young as 5/6 years old, where often the children drop out of school or have never been exposed to any form of education in their life.
We acknowledge that we cannot change the children’s’ environment in Lavender Hill and surrounds.  However, we help them to build resilience so that children from our programmes are better able to cope with negative elements in the community and if they stray from a positive path, they have the tools to bounce back and recommit to striving to be a better person to themselves, their family and their community.



Welcome to the Education for Work: Own Your Future programme!

Our beneficiaries enter our NWF Education for Work program through various avenues; they Walk-in, attend Information Sessions and Events, seeking assistance and guidance, with a myriad of queries and questions.

Through an Assessment process completed with each individual, we are able to provide a comprehensive Basket of Services to our candidates.

Our Basket of Services, consists of our Job Information Center, Training & Skills Development and Placements.

Our Job Information Center provides you with information related to job searches, bursary, study, learnership and various other opportunities. You are assisted with CV building, interview skills, professional email and general information that assists you with your search for knowledge.

Using various assessment tools and interviews, we are able to screen and assess candidates’ level of skills, experience and interests. Candidates are guided through a process that enables us to assist them with seeking various opportunities (job searches, studies, learnerships, apprenticeships, bursaries, etc.), setting up and completing a professional CV and email address. Candidates leave our center with a NWF Employability Passport having joined our network.  We are able to communicate and provide them with information and opportunities that informs their next steps in their training and development.

Through our, Training & Skills Development courses, candidates are able to benefit from our Employability, Life-Skills and Sensitivity & Thematic courses. The aim of the courses are to enable candidates to become more employable, develop skills and set them on a path of self-sufficiency/self-employment.  Any combination of these courses aid in building their Employability Passport, with the aim of increasing their opportunity for Placement in a variety of opportunities.

Throughout our engagement with our candidates, they are provided with coaching & mentoring. We track and follow-up with our candidates through various means in order to determine if they have found placements and continue to encourage them on their personal development and work/opportunity journeys.  We also partner with various organisations, institutions, government and companies to assist with employment, learning and studying opportunities and follow up on the progress of our candidates in their placements.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL)

We have a comprehensive M&E process, which involves feedback from our beneficiaries and partners. We obtain our feedback through various mediums, via safe (social distancing) face-to-face sessions, social media, telephone, questionnaires, reports, etc.  The aim being to always improve on our programmes, by providing the best possible learning and engagement with our candidates.




This course is for anyone who has ever thought of owning their own business and/or becoming financially sustainable. We know that, especially in the time that we are living in, that self-sustainability has become even more important.

We work in partnership with other organisations and companies to provide entrepreneurship skills training. Find out what business you want to explore and embark on, while practically setting out goals that you will need in order to achieve your goals. The course will help you to apply entrepreneurial thinking and gain management skills to increase your employability and create opportunities for yourself.

DigiCom – Be Wise Digitalize!

It is important to not only know how to use a computer and its applications, but how to  communicate and find information on digital platforms; and in a safe and efficient way. Computer and Digital literacy are important skills to have in today’s world, as we live in a digital world which demands digital skills.

Employers want their employees to have basic computer skills, but also the knowledge to use technology safely and efficiently. Why?-because companies have become more dependent on computers & technology.

Knowing how to use a computer helps you with job searches on the internet, studies, research and so much more! Digital literacy helps you do so, safely, with the ability to communicate or find information on digital platforms! Having both computer and digital literacy skills will improve your success in employment and education.

Second Chance Matric & Complete your School education

You can complete your schooling and unlock opportunities for your future! If you couldn’t complete your school education or did not have the opportunity to attend school and you would like to receive a formal qualification you can do so now!  NWF partners with the Western Cape Community Education and Training College, which will assist you to complete your levels and grade 12, or redo matric if you did not pass.  You will attend night school at our NWF center.  You will receive a nationally recognised certificate which will help improve your chances of becoming more employable and finding a suitable job or studies.

Financial Literacy

Why is financial literacy education important?  Because it is very easy to fall into financial traps without even knowing that you are doing so.  Making bad decisions about your personal finances can take a long time to correct. Through this course you will learn important money management skills in order to make good financial decisions in your life. It is not only about setting up a personal budget, but being financially literate so that you have a greater chance of leading an abundant life that leads to financial security. 

Design & Sewing

Our basic sewing classes provide an introduction into the basics of design and sewing.  Whether you want to be a skilled designer, dressmaker or even just want to know how to sew as a hobby, our classes could be for you. We partner with various individuals, colleges and institutions to assist you with obtaining this skill.  This course could be the next step in your career in fashion design, garment production or textiles.

Health Education

Our Health Education courses focusses on the physical, mental and emotional facets of life. These courses help prepare candidates to help clients/patients in various ways.

The courses range from home-based care, first aid, dealing with covid-19, mental wellness and the promotion of health care. Courses are done in collaboration with other organisations and institutions.  It is geared toward individuals interested in becoming caregivers or those who want to improve their knowledge.

As a home-based caregiver specifically, you will could have access to employment opportunities at institutions such as old age homes, retirement villages/homes, hospitals and health care agencies. It will also give you the opportunity to work as a private caregiver. The course can be seen as a stepping stone to pursuing further studies in the health care sector.


Job Readiness & Career Pathing

Get ready for the world of work and start planning your career! With our work readiness programme we’lll assist you to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. The programme is designed in such a way to prepare you with the skills to enter the world of work and what to expect when entering the job market/ study career.  During the programme you will be assisted with furthering your career path by understanding what studies/jobs/ careers potentially suite you, be prepared with job interview skills, CV building and what it means to be and stay successful.  Take the steps to boost your confidence and upskill yourself!

Train Your Brain (TrYB) – Brain Power

Unleash Your Mind!

Come and join our NWF TrYB (pronounced tribe) and learn how to learn.  Has anyone ever taught you how to learn or study? There is no such thing as a bad memory, only an untrained memory.  Come and be part of an exciting learning TrYB where you will learn to study, improve your memory and have fun while doing so!  This course is for anyone, no matter your age!

Personal Awarness & Mastery (PAM)

Unleash Your Potential!

This course is designed to help youth and adults develop self-awareness and mastery, better understand and manage their emotions, unleash their potential, energy and self-belief, while helping them to set goals for their personal, study and career development.

Many young people in our communities have not had the opportunity to develop self-awareness and mastery and identify their passion and unique talents. They often end up in studies (including learnerships, apprenticeships) or entry level jobs that they are not really interested in or for financial reasons in order to survive. This often leads to poor job performance or dropping out of courses with the result being incomplete studies or missing out on vital learning opportunities.  Often times youth drop out of school for a myriad of reasons, such as lack of internal self-motivation, are not able to cope with the many social and personal issues they are faced with, lack of proper study, career, work exploration opportunities, mentoring and coaching.

Successful habits lead to successful choices and a successful life.  This course enables youth and adults to practice and develop new habits that instil discipline, focus, curiosity, self-mastery and a positive outlook for engaging the world.


The aim of the leadership programme is to build your awareness and promote constructive, healthy relationships that promote inclusive, sustainable and safe environments, within schools and communities. It is aimed at school-going youth, and young adults with the aim of identifying the leader within and further developing leadership skills for the benefit of the individual and the greater communities.


We offer a range of thematic courses; conducted by professionals, ranging from Gender Based Violence, LGBTIQAA+, Trauma, Diversity and tailor made courses (such as Fire Prevention & Safety). We work in collaboration with many organisations to bring you courses that will assist you with the every-day and social issues that plague our communities. Training is available for community groups and organisations.


Support groups

Chronic Illness Support Group

The organisation Compassion in Action, in partnership with New World Foundation, started a Chronic Illness Support Group in 2011. The group grew from strength to strength especially in numbers and support from other stakeholders. The Retreat Health Centre refers chronic patients to the support group. The group meets on a weekly basis, promoting and maintaining better health conditions. Monthly screenings are done for hypertension, diabetes and obesity by waist measurements. Exercise is part of the routine to improve health. Participants receive guidance and information on healthy eating habits through presentations and pamphlets. We also have discussions on various health topics and hygiene.

Elderly Support Group

New World Foundation received a number of complaints and requests from the elderly in Lavender Hill whilst running elections for the Street and Court Committee Project which proved a need to set up an elderly support group and a support group was started in April 2013. The group meets once a week, sharing views and discussing everyday issues such as health, exercise, elderly abuse, their financial management all related to the elderly support needed. They do arts and crafts, sewing, games, knitting, fabric painting and beading for stimulation. The items that were made by the group were up for sale at the “Peace Market”, which is a flea market that was set up by the community and New World Foundation held on the first Saturday of every month in what is commonly referred to as the ‘Gang battlefield’, an open field in Blode Street. The participants who did paintings were awarded with a certificate by NWF. The group also focus on social events with other elderly support or senior citizen’s groups. When departing from a session, the participants feel relieved and uplifted, ready to go back and face the challenges of everyday life in their homes and in the Lavender Hill community and appreciate the good in their lives being more positive.

Women Support Group

NWF hosts 2 women support groups of 35 members in total for survivors of different forms of violence. The facilitation is a combination of guest presenters and Student interns specialising in GBV. The support group has been running since 2014 at NWF every Wednesday 10h00-12h30. Women are trained to equip them with the necessary tools and skills so that they are able to make a contribution and to value themselves for what they bring. The courses are also aimed at improving access to formal education (e.g. completing matric and tertiary education).


The LGBTIQAA+ support group was started at NWF in 2012 and once a week on Thursday evenings doing activities with topics of self awareness, support, rights and responsibilities, sexual health and reproductive rights and stigma. Participants also attended outings like the historical Gay Pride march and activities. Participants were exposed to presentations and workshops from well-established partnerships like the Triangle Project and various guest speakers, research and seminars on topics affecting the LGBTIQAA+ community.

Street and Court Commitees (SCC)

A milestone was reached in 2012 through establishing “court committees” which is constituted by a number of representatives from each of the courts (or flats) in the area. It started from within the community, led mainly by women (80 women and 5 men). These representatives were elected through elections facilitated by NWF. Street residents also wanted to belong to such a structure and hence renamed Street and Court Committees (SCC). The main purpose of the committees is to address a variety of issues in the community. This is done through training provided by NWF and partners and includes topics such as restorative justice mediation, gender-based violence awareness training etc. In addition, the court committees have also conducted a base line study to ascertain community needs such as counselling needs, bursaries/study opportunities and gender-based violence training. NWF wanted to contribute to developing a culture of peaceful and constructive ways of addressing conflict through mediation. For this reason, we started the Street and Court Committee (SCC) Project, consisting of concerned residents that are the first respondents in the community and willing to act as a mediator/first aider/lay counsellor when the inhabitants of their court/block of flats are in need. They provide various services to the community to better the community’s prospects for employment, conflict resolution and personal development.

Advice office

The Advice office is open to anyone from Lavender Hill, Vrygrond/Capricorn and the surrounding communities in need of legal advice on maintenance claims, civil matters, labour law, social grants queries and all other family matters. Guidance, advice, mediation and counselling for various matters are offered. After an intake session, clients are referred to the relevant internal services like the support groups or specialised interventions like NWF GBV social worker and to further external institutions. A typical case would have multiple layers of trauma and incidents that lead the client to seek assistance. The main problems are drawn out to be addressed in counselling and with the new skills obtained by the clients, they then can apply this approach to other problems clients are faced with in their lives.  The Advice Office is open during: Monday to Thursday, 09h00-16h00 and Fridays from 09h00-14h30 by appointments.

Community Writing Project

The Community writing project’s intention is for society to understand what the plight is of residents especially women in Lavender Hill and how they struggle with “Violence Against Women” (VAW) with minimal help from their community that see VAW as normal. A community ridden with gang violence, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence and the list continues. The book writing projects also aim at an income generation project where the writers would sell the books in order to generate an income for themselves. New World Foundation covers the cost of the printing of these books through funders. We used a number of methods in the book projects to get women to draw out their past such as Body Mapping, Mind Mapping, Angel Cards, Reflections, Guided Meditations, Outings, Using Photographs and lots of tissue paper for the tears or healing waters that flowed. All the participants were very clear on this selfless effort and some even write in their stories that they wrote their stories to help others who could get strength and healing from the books stories.


Emergency Safe House for Abused Women and their Children

In recent years there has been an overwhelming demand for services to support victims of crime and violence, specifically Gender Based Violence against women and their children. According to various research and articles published in 2018/2019, South Africa is becoming an increasingly unsafe place for women to live in. This is evident from the most recent spikes in Gender Based Violence (GBV) or Violence Against Women (VAW) as noted in the media over the past few months, especially in and around the Western Cape.

Over the 4 decades of its existence the organization has grown and developed into a multi-facetted organization and in 2018 we saw it fit to establish an Emergency Safe House to provide women and their children a safe space when their lives are in danger. Our Emergency Safe House can accommodate nine women and their children for up to 14 days as an interim arrangement until we can assist them with a longer term arrangement. Victims of Gender Based Violence often only arrive with the clothes on their backs, hence we provide them with necessities such as toiletries, three meals a day and snacks, clothing, medical attention, specialized therapeutic services and transportation to alternative accommodation. The service is managed by a Social Worker and we employ House Mothers who are on rotational duty 24/7 and is supported by the Department of Social Development Victim Empowerment Programme. The Social Worker supports the women and their children according to their needs and she appropriately refers them to a range of social service organizations. House Mothers ensure that the women and children are welcomed, fed and feel safe.


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